The rooms at the bed and breakfast Aquerelle have been named in honor of three famous artists: Ruskin, Samivel and Folon; personal recognition that the manager, Luigi Siclari, wants to emphasize: for his artistic sense and thanks to his experience as an illustrator.

The love for the mountains and the interest in nature led him and his wife Marisa in the district of Faggeto Lario. The architectural features and size of the property lend themselves well to establish their residence and the adaptation of the building into a bed and breakfast.

Luigi and Marisa hope that your stay at their facility is cozy and awakens the sense of belonging to a family that loves and respects nature.


He was an English writer, painter, poet and art critic. He's also known for his special position in relation to the architectural restoration. Ruskin argued that restoration is destruction; ancient buildings should be preserved, but no attempt should be made to erase the accumulated history encoded in their decay.

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Samivel is the pseudonym of Paul Gayet-Tancrède. He was a writer, poet, illustrator, filmmaker, photographer, explorer ... He took the pseudonym from a reading of his childhood: The Pickwick Club of C.Dickens.

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He was a Belgian artist, illustrator, painter, and sculptor. His style is distinctive: the uniform faces, often dark, soft colors from blue to mauve with a predilection for the watercolor.

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